Our Story

For footballers...By footballers


Build simple and powerful software that allows football to be administered, managed and participated in more efficiently.


Connect and empower football stakeholders to be more successful on and off the field.


Seamlessly unite the world football community and inspire future generations.


Our Story

The three co-founders have all had a ball at their feet since they could walk. Some making the professional grade, turning out for their country at age group, Olympic and full International level whilst others found enjoyment in different roles within the sport. They all love football. With using that experience the aim was to use their frustration with how the game is administered and transform that into a digital solution that benefits all footballing stakeholders. Coming from different professional backgrounds their combined skills and passion for the sport makes a perfect fit to build a digital solution that’s easy to use and impactful on the football ecosystem. Since the company was founded, MY F.C. has strived to employ staff that share the same passion and interest in the sport, something that we believe is reflected in the work produced. We are the creator and the consumer, fixing real problems with digital solutions. Made for Footballers, by Footballers.


Football is a team sport, the end result is defined by the ability for individuals to come together and push forward as a unit. MY F.C. are looking to replicate the same system to achieve our goal together to become the largest online football community.


We live in an ever changing world and strive to create products, services and experiences for the footballers of today while solving problems for the next generation of footballers.


No sport showcases passion quite like football. We can’t think of a more powerful premise than providing a platform that inspires people to showcase their passion, talents and memories to the world.


Football is often referred to as a global peace keeper, it’s a language understood by all; a unifier. We intend to further develop this through technology by bringing together all parts of the game in one place.


We aim to create positive change and maximise the potential of everybody involved in football. Drive the game forward and utilise its global nature to build the world’s largest football community.